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21/02/2021 Sunday 4pm
Webinar 4 Transposition of the Great Arteries (d-TGA).
Chair: Nathalie J.M. Bravo-Valenzuela


      1. Prenatal Diagnosis of TGA – Prof Nathalie J M Bravo-Valenzuela

      2. Premature closure of the ductus arteriosus and the foramen ovale in fetuses with TGA- Prof Paulo Zielinsky

      3. TGA: prenatal management and planning the optimal place to delivery- Dr Anna Esther Araujo e Silva


24/01/2021 Sunday 4pm
Webinar 3: Variants of fetal pulmonary artery valve pathology.
Chair: Roland Axt-Fliedner  


       1. Rare variant of conotruncal anomaly- absent pulmonary valve syndrome: Andrii Kurkevych, Kiew, Ukraine

       2. Spectrum of pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum: Roland Axt-Fliedner, Giessen, Germany

Panelists: Stefan Rupp, Markus Khalil - Giessen, Germany


20/12/2020 Sunday 4pm
Webinar 2: HLHC, predictors of outcome. MHO therapy in cardiac anomalies.
Chair: Roland Axt-Fliedner


  1. HLHC – Carina Vorisek – HLHC
  2. Roland Axt-Fliedner - Maternofetal Oxygenation

Panelists: Christian Jux, Dietmar Schranz


29/11/2020 Sunday 4pm 
Webinar 1 –: Functional aspect of fetal heart in fetal growth restriction and fetuses of diabetic mother.
Chair: Giuseppe Rizzo


  1. Francesco D’ Antonio: Cardiac hemodynamic changes in late FRG
  2. Giuseppe Rizzo: Cardiac hemodynamic in fetuses of diabetic mother
  3. Fatima Crispi: Postnatal effects of intrauterine changes of cardiac hemodynamics
  4. Ilenia Mappa:  Case report

Panelists: Alexander Makatsariya and Victoria Bitsadze



Webinar: Fetal cardiology CHD classification.
Chair: Maciej Słodki

Lecturers: Maciej Słodki, Jay Pruetz

Panelists: Maria Respondek-Liberska, Mary Donofrio.






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