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The IPCCG was established to join worldwide effort in improving standard of care, management and outcomes for fetus and neonates with congenital heart disease.

Congenital heart disease represents one of the most common types of birth defects, occurring in approximately 1 of every 100 live born babies and its prevalence still increased. It is the highest cause of infant death due to birth defects. Through advances in education and ultrasound technology, it is growing increasingly more common to have heart disease detected before birth.

The aim of the group is to set up studies and researches on larger group of patients from different part of world. We share our experiences and create protocols of the study. We intend to do retrospective studies, prospective studies and meta-analysis.

Membership in a Group is now free of charge. If you want to join please send us a registration form.

If you have any idea of the new studies please fill up New Studies Form and after Members of IPCCG approval we will start the study with you.

If you want to join to one of the new or ongoing project please contact with the coordinator of the IPCCG and the leader of the exact project.

If you have another question please feel free to contact us.

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Connect on issues facing members, centers, organizations, and the community.

Solve problems and expand ideas.

Develop, engage in, and foster member and community driven innovation in prenatal CHD consulting.

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